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Baxter Insurance Group, LLC

We have years of insurance experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. Ask us about insurance for:

  • Agriculture Aircraft 
  • Pleasure & Business Aircraft
  • Premises Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Property

We have access to many different insurance markets so you can get the right one for you.

Assessing Need

Many financial experts will tell you some unforeseen events and a lack of the right kind of insurance can spell trouble quickly. Call us today, and we'll analyze your insurance needs and get you covered quickly at the right price.

Building Relationships

Everyone has different insurance needs. Call us today for a personalized business or individual assessment and find out how we can help protect your hard-won assets.

Our Team

Lynn Baxter

Lynn is a private pilot and has worked most of her professional carrier dealing with aerial application technology.  Lynn is a member of the AAAA and NAAA. Lynn has been an insurance agent since 2012.

(501) 940-4472

Dennis Gardisser

Dennis is a commercial pilot, flight instructor, safety counselor, AAA member in several states, Canada, and the NAAA.  He serves on several national ag aviation committees.  Dennis is a member of the Arkansas Aviation and National Ag Aviation Hall of Fame.

   (501) 676-1762

Kay Nichols

Kay started off in aviation insurance as a receptionist/typist for Commercial Aviation Insurance in 1980.  Kay became an underwriter when Commercial Aviation Insurance moved to Atlanta, GA.  Commercial Aviation Insurance was purchased by AIG in 1997. 

(501) 319-2699